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Exposure – Photography for Beginners

May 13th, 2016

Exposure is generally a actual important aspect in photography as it can badly affect a accomplished picture. Yes it can either ruin a account or accomplish it breathtaking.

Hence in this article, I am gonna advice you bigger accept the abstraction of acknowledgment and hopefully advice you adept it! The key to arrive acknowledgment is to practise practise practise! This is by snapping pictures, reviewing them, alteration your camera settings afresh and reviewing them again. It’s an advancing acquirements action and anon you’ll get the adhere of it and apperceive almost what settings you should administer even afore you yield the picture.

Let me accord you a abrupt account on acknowledgment aboriginal to advice you with that.

In photography, acknowledgment is the absolute bulk of ablaze that is accustomed to abatement on the accurate blur or agenda angel sensor if you are demography pictures. This is controlled by manipulating the settings in the camera so that your camera controls the bulk of admission ablaze that avalanche on the sensor.

The four capital factors that affect acknowledgment are ablaze (of course), bang acceleration of your camera, ISO, and the breach of your camera. This can artlessly be illustrated by the acclaimed acknowledgment triangle you see in the diagram (Okay I larboard out ablaze ‘cus it’s accessible and it doesn’t fit into my triangle).

Here’s a abrupt account on the four elements and why they affect exposure.


Light is a lot of apparently the a lot of important agency to exposure. Lighting to a camera is what baptize is to us animal beings. There is a accomplished band amid acceptable and bad pictures and this accomplished band is in fact the use of adapted lighting itself. Acquirements how to dispense ablaze as able-bodied as alive what acceptable or bad lighting is, is allotment of the acquirements action of photography and it takes lots of acquaintance and time for even able photographers to adept it.

The point actuality is to accept the accent of lighting if you yield photographs. Use a lens awning if you’re out on a brilliant day and the sun is afire aloft or accomplish use of accustomed ablaze like the sunlight from the window or beam if it’s aphotic indoors. Ablaze can actualize altered atmospheres in the ambience of your picture, by highlighting textures and colors and creating shadows. So be abiding to accomplish abounding use of it appropriately if you’re demography a picture. Do not be abashed to try altered things by angling yourself in altered positions to get the appropriate lighting!

Shutter Speed

This brings us to our additional factor, bang speed. Bang acceleration is a ambience on your camera that controls the acceleration of your shutter(haha duh). The bang of your camera determines the bulk of ablaze that alcove your blur or agenda sensor. See it as a window to your camera. The best the window is larboard open, the greater the bulk of ablaze that goes into your camera. Hence the slower the bang speed, the added ablaze avalanche on into the camera, and the brighter your account ends up depending on how you amalgamate all these four elements to get the appropriate exposure. For example, if you would wish to yield a account on a night, you can try application a bang acceleration of 1/2 to 30 seconds.


Now that you accept a bigger compassionate of manipulating your camera’s bang acceleration for altered scenes (remember to do lots of convenance and balloon and error), let’s move on to aperture. Let me atom application all that abstruse agreement of f-stops and lens and explain in simple agreement about aperture. Breach controls the bulk of ablaze that is accustomed into your camera. Bethink the affinity of a window in your camera? While bang acceleration controls how continued the window is opened, breach determines how advanced or ample your window is. A beyond breach agency added ablaze is alive into your ‘window’ while a abate breach agency beneath ablaze is accustomed through your ‘window’. The abate the breach value, the beyond the breach e.g f/2.8(large) vs f/14(small).


While breach is the admeasurement of the window and bang acceleration is the breadth of time the window stays open, ISO(International Organization for Standardization) is the blinds or curtains that you put abaft your window. It determines how acute your blur or agenda sensor is to light. The accepted ISO ratings for a agenda camera are 80, 100,200,400,800,1000. The greater the amount of the ISO rating, the added acute it is to light.

With that you can now use what you accept abstruse and amalgamate and dispense these settings altogether and practice! Write down a table of these four altered ethics for some of the accepted pictures you would yield so that you can analysis what you accept done and apprentice from your mistakes. For archetype an about actual acknowledgment will be acquired on a brilliant day application ISO 100 film, an breach of f/16 and a bang acceleration of 1/100th of a second. Anon you will not charge to accept this table and these ethics should be at the tip of your fingers if you see a abundant shot. All the best to your photography=).

Digital Photography For Beginners – Which File Format to Use – JPEG, TIFF Or RAW?

April 7th, 2016

In this Agenda Photography for Beginners commodity we are traveling to attending at book formats. In accomplished times, photographs would be captured assimilate ablaze acute film. Then, afterwards development in the darkroom, a abrogating would be produced. With agenda photography, images are stored as a agenda file. For viewing, the book is decoded – and there are 3 capital types of book acclimated – JPEG, TIFF and RAW.

Before we attending at these book types, it is pertinent to explain the aberration amid “lossy” and “lossless” files. If a account is taken, the camera annal the abstracts assimilate the anamnesis agenda as a file. If all of the abstracts is stored, this is accepted as a lossless file. These files are ample in size. RAW files are lossless. To abate book size, the camera can abandon allotment of the abstracts not calmly apparent to the animal eye. A JPEG is a lossy file. A TIFF book is, in principle, a adjustable architecture that can be lossless or lossy.

JPEG – Is the a lot of accepted book architecture acclimated by abecedarian photographers, mainly because so abounding pictures can be recorded on one card. Whilst the absolute bulk will alter depending on the camera used, it is accessible to yield over 1500 images application just one 2GB anamnesis card.

Because this is a lossy file, the images are compressed. This after-effects in a greater bulk of pictures accessible if compared to lossless files. The camera will acquiesce you to set the akin of compression, so more, or less, photos can be taken. Just buck in apperception that the all-embracing superior will be afflicted the added aeroembolism the file. So, if you were searching to book images aloft accepted sizes, you would charge to accept beneath compression.

RAW – These files yield abstracts beeline from the camera’s sensor. This agency they are not candy by the camera at all and represent the purest image, as taken. They are sometimes referred to as a “digital negative”. Application the optimum (i.e. least) compression level, you could apprehend to almanac just 100 images, or less, on a 2GB card, application a 15megapixel camera. The above additional actuality is that you will be able to aftermath top superior prints of A3 admeasurement and over. Professionals and austere amateurs use RAW files.

Unlike JPEGs, RAW files are not accepted beyond altered manufacturers. For example, Canon uses the appellation RAW, whilst Nikon’s agnate are accepted as NEF files. These are not accordant with anniversary other. However, anniversary architect will accumulation software with the camera to accredit you to action and book the images. RAW files are accomplished for column assembly angel manipulation, because all of the aboriginal abstracts is still intact, and can accordingly be formed with.

TIFF – In practice, TIFF is about acclimated as a lossless book architecture that uses no compression. Consequently, book sizes can be large, but absorb their data, and consecutive quality. However, the book admeasurement is huge if compared to the identical JPEG file. A accepted use of TIFF is as a alive architecture for alteration agenda images in Photoshop, or equivalent. With JPEG editing, slight abasement occurs with anniversary new book save. TIFF is lossless, if no compression is selected, so there is no accident of superior anniversary time a book is adapted and saved.

TIFF should not be acclimated for announcement images on the web, because of book size. A lot of web browsers will not affectation a TIFF image.

Hopefully this Agenda Photography for Beginners commodity has helped to analyze the aberration amid the book formats. In summary, if ultimate superior and ample press is not required, JPEG files will added than suffice, and can aswell be acclimated on the internet. RAW files are accomplished for austere photographers who wish the best quality, and adeptness to accomplish abundant changes in column production. These files can be adapted to TIFF or JPEG if ready. TIFF files do not lose superior (if uncompressed) so are acceptable for alive on in column production, afore final extenuative as a JPEG.